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Feedback and training session

The EAWS working group Matrix & Scale recommends to conduct training sessions within your forecaster team. We also encourage you to track your choices in the Matrix and share this data and other feedback with us.


Ideally, you track the factors chosen in the Matrix in your forecasting software. You should also record when the forecasters deviates from the danger level suggested by the Matrix.

If your forecasting tool does not track your choices you can use the following feedback form to report deviations from the Matrix:

Training sessions

We recommend that forecaster teams conduct training sessions. 

The idea for these training sessions is to gather several forecasters and let them forecast for a fictitious or preferably real (live) scenario. Provide all forecasters with a clear forecasting task and with the same data. Forecasters must work individually and are not allowed to communicate during the assessment process. 

We recommend to either use data for your current avalanche situation or provide a document (Word, PowerPoint,…) containing the data and other relevant information.

Please make sure that forecasters have read and are familiar with the definitions of the three factors describing avalanche danger: Snowpack stability, frequency of snowpack stability and avalanche size.

Feel free to copy and adapt the form below to your operation and/or language. For example, rename, remove or add sections as needed.