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1. Disclaimer

The website of the European Avalanche Warning Services is intended to provide public access to general information on the work of the European Avalanche Warning Services.

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We would like to point out that the information provided does not constitute comprehensive legal advice (you should always consult an expert for such advice).

We cannot guarantee that the accessible content, in particular legal texts, always corresponds to the current or legally binding version.

Note: The legally valid version of laws and decrees are published in the Tyrol Provincial Law Gazette: the “Landesgesetzblatt für Tirol”, the ”Bote für Tirol” and the ”Legal Information System (RIS)”.

Although we strive to avoid technical interferences, the Province of Tyrol cannot guarantee that the website will not incur interruptions or other technical problems.

2. Copyright

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In principle everyone is at liberty to merely provide a link to our contents and needs no special permission, as long as it does not mislead or degrade the province of Tyrol or the information/services offered here.

Separate licenses and terms of use apply for ”Open Government Data”.

3. Protection of personal data

The Province of Tyrol respects your privacy and processes your personal data in accordance to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – (EU) 2016/679), the  Federal Act concerning the Protection of Personal Data (Datenschutzgesetz 2018) and the Tyrolean Act concerning the Protection of Personal Data Data Protection Act 2018 (Tiroler Datenschutzgesetz 2018).

Although you can use most of the contents of our website without providing any personal information, in some cases personal information is required in order to provide the online services you have requested. Here you can find more detailed information on the processing of your personal data.

What happens to the e-mails you send us?

If you send us e-mails, your personal data will only be processed to the extent necessary for a reply. If necessary, the recipient will forward your message to another responsible department of the Tyrolean regional administration or the responsible European Avalanche Warning Service.

References and links

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4. Final provisions

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