About EAWS

EAWS prevents the loss of lives

and damages due to avalanches.


The primary purpose of European Avalanche Warning Services (EAWS) is to support its Members in preventing the loss of lives and damages due to avalanches by providing the society with efficient and effective avalanche forecasting and warning services.


  • Developing standards, best practice guidelines and recommendations for avalanche warning services
  • Exchanging expertise and promoting staff training
  • Fostering cooperation between neighbouring services and promoting collaboration between Members
  • Enhancing the communication and awareness about the avalanche danger to all the categories of users through avalanche bulletins, new forecasting products and common standards and terminology
  • Liaising with other relevant organisations and engaging in strategic relationships and alliances with those that share the objectives of the EAWS
  • Ensuring that all programs, services, and materials are based on current research and scientific evidence

Memorandum of Understanding

EAWS commits to liaising with reliability and honesty and to establishing a knowledge-based consortium. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) describes the objectives agreed by the members and the terms and conditions under which they will cooperate to achieve these objectives.


Our standards are described in the MoU and under STANDARDS at avalanches.org.

Overview of EAWS members and their services

HEADER PICTURE: Snow Plume © Ragnar Ekker, The Norwegian Avalanche Warning Service | EAWS